Support for Parents & Families of Transgender Individuals

My daughter says she is a boy: can gender confusion be a phase?

Sometimes, love requires action

Your transgender child or family member needs your support.

Families often struggle to understand and support their loved ones through questions of gender identity. Many parents aren’t sure what to do or what their child is experiencing. I’ve found these family members often benefit from being able to have an open and honest conversation, where their questions and worries are able to be freely discussed.

I’ve worked with family members ranging from parents of gender-nonconforming kindergartners to adult children of transgender people who are transitioning later in life.


How can you help me support my trans teen or adult child?

Vered Counseling provides resources and support for families of transgender people.

Some of the questions I’ve explored with families include:

  • How do I support my child’s exploration of gender without pushing them into a corner?

  • Is being transgender a fad? Why didn’t I hear about it when I was growing up?

  • Is my child actually trans or are they just doing what their friends are doing?

  • I love my child, but I don’t understand being trans.

  • What’s non-binary/genderfluid/genderqueer? Why are there so many genders now?

  • How can I help my trans child navigate the school system?

  • What can I do and what do I need to know in order to make my loved one feel like I care?

  • I’m worried that if they’re out at work, they’ll face discrimination. How can I help?


Who can participate in transgender family support?

Help! My daughter wants to be a boy or my son says he wants to be a girl.

As this consultation focuses on education (as opposed to the “emotional processing” in therapy), it’s available to anyone, anywhere!

There are three packages available for purchase: one session ($175), three sessions ($525), and five sessions ($875).

You can purchase these for yourself or as a gift to others. For the multi-session packages, these sessions can be split among individuals (e.g. dad, mom, and grandma each get a session).

You can purchase and schedule your (first) support session below.

If you’d like to purchase a package, but don’t know when you’d like to start, you can buy sessions without scheduling them here.




Vered Counseling offers gender dysphoria support for parents, through a teenage gender identity crisis or gender confusion during puberty.

Other Resources for Trans Individuals & Their Families

As a gender affirming therapy center, Vered Counseling offers a variety of supportive sources for transgender individuals and their families. Gender identity therapist Kimberly Vered Shashoua provides counseling services for transgender teenagers, transgender adults & teenage girls (regardless of gender identity). She also offers gender affirming counseling online in Texas and North Carolina. For individuals simply needing support (versus the emotional process of counseling), Vered Counseling offers additional support to individuals & families anywhere in the 50 states! This support can be for transgender individuals navigating the unique aspects of embracing one’s true gender identity or supportive consultation for parents. Contact Vered Counseling to begin any of our services!